Foodcraft Solutions has continued to create food-retail concepts that break new ground in the UK. We have created three different business models.

In the argument of which came first – the chicken or the egg – a tiny shop with huge kitchens and a bakery downstairs with historic ovens, were the catalyst that gave birth to a whole new food-retail concept in London, in 1995.

A unique set of circumstances allowed for the revival of a long-forgotten food-retail business style in the UK. The combination of premises and an obsession with quality resulted in the realisation of Yael Mejia’s long-held ambition of opening a food shop, which concentrated only on what it made.

It was totally groundbreaking in its pursuit of quality. It pioneered the concept of a shop that only sells what it makes from scratch in its own kitchens. This concept established a new style for food-retail in London and inspired countless imitations all over the world from Portland, Oregon to Shanghai, China via Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our second business model was designed to roll out and so required a different thought process, which necessitated a different set of logistics and operations to allow for a future multi-site roll out.

We have also successfully created a classic food-retail model, which takes its cue from retro food epiceries in France.