Foodcraft Solutions is an international consultancy working across different segments of the food industry, hospitality and food retail.

It was founded by Yael Gail Mejia in 2000 using her expertise in establishing and running successful food-based businesses in London. Foodcraft Solutions works with investors, owners and operators, restaurateurs and chefs.

Yael is best known for setting up Bread Ltd and Baker & Spice in London. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, she has been consulting around the world, placing an emphasis on encouraging local producers and artisanal practices.

At Foodcraft Solutions, we try to bring harmony to the experience of taste and food. We demystify food and are experts in the art of combining flavours to create simple, delicious food in beautiful settings, which many around the world have sought to imitate. We believe in mastering the product, after which all other elements, such as the brand and the aesthetic, fall into place.