The Bread Factory

In 1993, Yael decided, after three years of distributing other bakers' products, to start baking for herself. Controlling some of her supply lines for Gail Force meant she could develop the type and quality of products her customers were requesting. She put together a small team of bakers, who, like her, were dedicated to artisanal baking methods.

The Bread Factory was anything but a factory. Kneading, rolling, shaping and baking high quality artisanal breads were done by hand, and bread baking as a science was replaced by the traditional art.

Within a decade, The Bread Factory had become the largest and most trusted name in the sector, producing a wide range of artisan breads, croissants, pastries and cakes, supplying some of London's best-known chefs, restaurants, retail outlets and The Royal Household.

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